Why do I have to register for Participate Vision Australia to submit my idea?

    By providing some basic information about yourself you are helping us to better understand the feedback that we get from the blindness and low vision community.  We can also keep in touch with you to provide information on how your ideas have been used – including which projects get picked - and to let you know about future opportunities to get involved.  We would also like to have the person who put forward the challenge present at the TOM Makeathon, if possible, so they can provide their feedback first-hand.

    How do I use this page with a screen-reader?

    Here are some handy audio guides on how to use this site with a screen-reader:

    Registering for Participate Vision Australia

    How to add your idea to a brainstorm

    Who will see the information I provide?

    The information you share is public and available to everyone. Please be mindful when sharing personal information.