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Firefox, Explorer, Google chrome or something else

over 1 year ago

your web browsing experience with accessible products can be vastly different depending on the web browser you are using. It's for that reason that I always have three on my laptop and work computer at any given time. unfortunately many websites unless they actively embed accessibility into their code can play havoc with things like Jaws, NVDA, voice over and Zoomtext. Microsoft edge has been quite a let down in the accessible area and explorer is quite an outdated program even though Jaws is made for windows products. I often find myself switching between firefox and chrome to do what I need to. Might be worth keeping in mind until there is better standardization around the world for digitalĀ  access.

Are there any other browsers people use that they find make a big difference? Would be good to share.

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  • Wuffies over 1 year ago
    I've no need for text-to-voice.I use Firefox 99% of the time, as Chrome is a dire challenge to use due to a lack of control over reserve contrast settings within the browser, while their darker themes seem hit and miss and, a lot of the time, not fluid through all websites. To get around this dreadful oversight, I've set up Windows Magnifier to correct colours and make Chrome usable, but which needs to be minimized when viewing sites like Youtube.Firefox have a few plugins for assisting those with varying degrees of vision impairment, one of which, titled 'N-Abled Web Accessibility Toolbar', which features a screen reader, colour scheme options, zooming in and out and change font size.