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NDIS advice

by Johanna, over 1 year ago


I have my NDIS planning meeting on Friday. Does anyone have any advice about products or services that would be useful to include?

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  • Admin Commented conor, vision australia over 1 year ago
    Hi Johanna, I am in my third year of being on the NDIS. it really depends on your goals. For example my goals every year are to get more mobile so I have a lot of hours for orientation and mobility training. which comes out of the "capacity building" budget. I also have many hours for occupational therapy because I want to learn to cook for myself at home. All up I probably have about 40 to 50 hours of funding for things like that that increase your skills. So if you have an idea of how long it takes you to learn something new then you might be able to work it out. Perhaps if there is a device or software that would help you read or things like that then you canmention that too. It's also worth having a think about if you want to manage your plan yourself or have the NDIS or someone else do it for you. That will have some impact on what you need a lot of preparation for and what you can react to as it comes up over the year. It's hard to think of every service or product you may need over the next 12 months afterall. If you have any more questions feel free to reply with them.