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Orcam My Eye 2.0 info and review

15 November, 2018

I had a demonstration with the new Orcam my eye 2.0 yesterday and thought I’d share. I had seen the last one which was good but required a device to be carried in the pocket at all times in order to use it. This version doesn't need that.


·  About the length and thickness of an index finger in total size

·  Similar to a USB stick or a cigarette lighter in weight

·  Recharges via mini USB in about 30 minutes for full charge

·  Battery life of 2 hours in  full time use mode

·  Can magnetically attach to the arm of glasses or be attached to a lanyard around your neck for intermittent hand held use

·  Controlled by hand gestures in front of the camera or by tapping small touch pad on the side of the device

·  Connects to Bluetooth headphones should you wish

·  Responds to voice commands

·  Wi-Fi connectivity


·  Product barcode recognition and ability to add new barcodes to database

·  reads print documents

·  Reads Australian currency

·  tels time with hand gesture that mimics looking at a watch

·  store and name images and speak aloud when seen again I.E people, bus numbers, shop fronts etc.

Definitely something people would use their assistive technology budget in your NDIS plan for as it retails for about 7 grand including training on the device. However it does do in one device what many other devices will only do individually.

Contact Quantum to find out more and ask questions of those who make it. Also see the video link below to see it demonstrated on 7 Sunrise

Orcam my eye 2.0 on Quantum

Orcam my eye 2.0 demo on 7 sunrise

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