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Share Your Anecdotes!

by Foxy, over 1 year ago

We've all got them - stories about someone doing or saying something profoundly stupid, or times when you've put your elbow in the butter ... perhaps literally. Everyone needs a good chuckle from time to time.

I'll start. When I was young, my mother got a babysitter for my sister and I from 3-5pm so she could still work. This babysitter, Karen, had an outrageous American accent, wore aviators indoors, and seemed there mostly to lord it over me.

Sometimes Karen would ask me where my sister was, and I would respond that I thought she was outside, I'll go check. Moments later I found my sister outside, and out of breath. Heading back inside, I would find Karen again, also mysteriously out of breath.

My trusting (oblivious) nature meant it took several weeks of Karen bossing me around, and the two of them never being in the same room for me to realize what was going on.

The fake accent really should have tipped me off. I figured it out eventually, and when I did I think I was just happy to be included in something, so I let the farce continue for a good 6 months or so before my mother found out and put a stop to it.

Still, it makes for an interesting story.

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  • CRH 4 months ago
    I work at a clothing store and one day when I got to work two of my old managers (who were now dating) and Gen, my current manager, were standing at the counter. I said hi to my old managers who I hadn't seen in a few months and I asked them how they were going. After a little small talk, Gen said "Monica is engaged!" Referring to my old manager. Monica put out her hand on the glass cabinet at the side of the counter but the glare from the light inside the cabinet meant I couldn't actually see if there was a ring on her finger. I immediately second-guessed the situation and thought "what if its a joke and she's wearing a toy ring or something". It was a bit of a weird assumption but I was shocked because they are so young and also I've never had someone announce an engagement to me before. So.... for fear of responding incorrectly I kind of just awkwardly laughed. As they were leaving the store Gen said, "keep us up to date with the wedding details." For the rest of that shift all I could think was "Oh My God I worked with these people for two years and my response to their engagement was 'haha'."
  • Wuffies over 1 year ago
    Having partial sight can bring about some amusing situations.I was in Big-W, Eastland, a few years ago shopping for new clothing. Happened to pass the same guy a few times, caught him in my peripheral vision, eventually saying "G'day." but received no response. Figured he didn't hear me and thought nothing of it to continue shopping.Sure enough, I pass him a few more times, and each time saying a friendly "Hello" and offering a nod. No response from any of those run-ins. Ended up figuring he was just plain rude. Stopped bothering saying anything, got what I wanted and made my way back through the Men's Wear section, passing him again in the process. Decided to stop, approach and just say "Hey, don't think you heard me."Turned out it was a bunch of standing mirrors; I'd been saying "Hello" to my own darn reflection.
  • Admin Commented conor, vision australia over 1 year ago
    LMAO. That is a great story. I like your sisters' effort. One of the ones I can share would be:When I was 16 and 17 me and friends would go to the local ice rink every Friday night because they had music playing and it was a good hang out spot for people under 18 at the time. anyways. My mates asked to use my cane so naturally I obliged. they gave it to another friend who had a similar build and put him out in the middle of the rink with my cane and dark glasses. then we got another friend who was a great skater to come and take him out with a ice hockey slide. We uploaded it on Myspace and people thought it was real. We got in a lot of trouble from the rink for it because they thought it was unfair to me somehow. I thought it was just hilarious.