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Soundscape! a map delivered in 3d sound

11 October, 2018

Has anyone heard about or used Soundscape App yet? I'd be curious to know.

Soundscape is a free app developed by Microsoft for people who are blind or low vision. It is somewhat similar to Blindsquare but instead of clock directions to pointout landmarks you hear the direction of the landmark  through headphones. You can also plot your own locations and becons and name them so you aren't just relying on information already entered into the map about your local area. It is my understanding that a lot of people are using it with bone conducting headphones like aftershocks to ensure it doesn't  create issues to hearing traffic and the like. Would be most interested to hear people's experiences if you have used it. if it is good, if it is bad etc.

Soundscape! a map delivered in 3d sound- YouTube

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