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Tried Blind football on the weekend

by HeyBlinkin, over 1 year ago

I tried Blind soccer or Football as I like to call it for the first time this weekend. Was awesome. Very competitive, challenging and freeing. I used to play when I was younger and could still see. What other sports do people play and how do they work? cheers

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  • Dan Pritchard over 1 year ago
    Hey, I play a lot of vision impaired sports and have at least tried most others. Cricket and Goalball are the main 2 I participate in with Cricket in the summer and Goalball in the winter. I've also done tennis, soccer and table tennis but it's the team sports that I am really attracted to. They all mostly work in a similar way to soccer in that an audible ball is used and more communication occurs between everyone.
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    • Admin Commented conor, vision australia over 1 year ago
      oooo. Tennis? I didn't know that was possible? how does it work? very keen. I am currently trying to work out if I can get a table tennis table made because as far as I know there aren't any in my state but I have never played it or "swish as it's called.
      • Dan Pritchard over 1 year ago
        Which state are you in Conor?Blind Tennis uses a foam ball with a ping pong ball inside it containing ball bearings. This ball bounces a fair amount but being foam, travels a bit slower giving you time to react. a Vision impaired person has to return the ball over the net after a maximum of one bounce during a rally. A legally blind person is permitted two bounces before returning while a totally blind person is allowed three bounces. The markings on the court are tactile (string with tape over the top) so you can feel where you are to help with orientation and you can also use the racquet as a makeshift cane too. The court is slimmed down a bit from a standard tennis court and before serving, you have to go through the "ready, play" routine that is done in cricket and swish
        • Admin Commented conor, vision australia over 1 year ago
          I am in NSW. Wow that sounds really cool. Yeah I was unaware there was a version of Tennis. Sounds very neat. It's nice to have options that aren't reliant on having a team.
          • Dan Pritchard over 1 year ago
            Some mates up in Sydney stumbled across an old Swish table a few years ago. Not sure what came of it but I'm sure it's still sitting disused somewhere. Yeah, all you'd really need for blind tennis is the ball. The rest is basically the same.