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Using Air Tasker for the first time

03 September, 2018

Has anyone used Air tasker much before? I used it for the first time this weekend and found it to be very good. I hired a guy to install a wall mount into my wall so I could put my new TV on it. I ended up getting it done for almost $200 less than I was quoted by an installation company I was directed to when I bought it. Essentially for anyone who doesn’t know about Air Tasker. It is an app and website that allows you to post tasks you need done. It could be, I need a gardener on Sunday and I want to pay 100 bucks for it. It goes up on the site and people get in touch with you who are willing to do it and you can see their ratings and reviews from others, just like an eBay or uber rating system. The app is fully accessible and very easy. They also have insurance to cover all parties involved if there are any issues. Make sure you do your research but the next time I need something done around the house I will definitely be looking at Air Tasker. I think it could potentially be very useful for those little tasks that can be tricky if you are blind or low vision.

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