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Victor Reader Trek: reading and navigation in one device

06 November, 2018

HumanWare just brought out the new Victor Reader Trek device. I got a demonstration of it in the office last week and thought i'd share.

The Trek is the same size as the old style reader and includes the functions of book reading and GPS.

Of the many things it can do my favourite is course plotting.

The device works off Tom Tom maps and Tom Tom have mapped the inside of major shopping centres for the Trek. This also means that you can plot your own turn by turn course inside a building or in an open space and the device will remember it. This is useful for walking in parks for example where the main stream mapsĀ  aren't that detailed. You can also buy additional maps for different places around the world if you are traveling. Please see the following link for more information and specs:

Victor Reader Trek by HumanWare

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