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Survey results

over 1 year ago

We recently conducted a survey of Zest and participants. Thank you for those who took part. The uptake wasn’t as high as we had hoped but we appreciate that everyone has lives to live. Please see the main findings of the survey results below.

· Many of the people who took part were unaware that Zest existed before the survey went out.

· A significant amount of participants aren’t particularly interested in blind and low vision online forums.

· The current layout, set-up and usability of the Zest site aren’t ideal for some users at the moment and seem to function better as a blog rather than a conversation space to some users.

· The ability to privately connect with other users, have guest speakers and share events is welcome going forward.

· Zest would be ideal if accessible from a mobile device and was part of a larger Vision Australia website and Vision store.

Thank you for giving us your thoughts. We really appreciate all feedback as it is the only thing that allows us to build a clear picture of client’s thoughts and wishes.

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